Our Team

Our Maker Team

Our team

Skye, Chase, Lisa and Alan

Maker Party by Millers is a family owned and operated business, inspired by kids to spark imagination and have fun. Something magical happens when children coach other children, while energetically communicating on their level.  Together our whole team inspires all ages of Makers!

Skye, aka Cyber Bit

As one of our Maker Inspiration Coaches, Skye, researches and designs new projects for our parties that will generate fun for all of our Makers.  Skye loves littleBits, Lego Engineering, game making, programming Scratch, and basketball.

Chase, aka Ninja Bit

Chase, searches for new projects and inspires the junior maker party teams. Chase loves Angry Birds, Legos, littleBits, painting, running, basketball and power tumble.

Lisa, aka Blinky Bit

Lisa, is instrumental in making educational material fun in the Maker Parties for many kids by way of her enthusiasm and experience.  She directs and tutors at Classical Conversations Bonita campus, serves at Flood Church, San Diego in the Flood Kids ministry and as a Flood children small group leader in Coronado.  Her prior experience includes pediatric dentistry and early childhood development.  She photographs many families and events.  (See her work at  www.lisamiller.photography )

Alan, aka Crazy Bit

As a perpetual learner and serial entrepreneur, Alan enjoys coaching start-up kids such as, Skye and Chase, from a wealth of 20 years of business and computer programming experience.  Alan has received numerous awards for his computer programming, such as Global Bronze Award at BAE Systems and Breakthrough Results at Encore Capital. He also serves at Flood Kids and co-leads elementary children at Coronado Life Group.


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