Host a party of 6+ for creative fun and learning along the way. Marker Party serves San Diego County with our mission of bringing creativity to you.  We take care of everything: bringing award winning educational fun kits, materials, inspiration, and leaving only :).

Our Maker Party is a party atmosphere where creators are assisted by 3-4 coaches so we aim for 1:3 coach to attendee ratio.  Party sessions typically consists of a 15-30 minute overview, 30 minute exploration project stations, and 60 to 90 minutes of building with others, with 10 minute creation show-n-tell.  Similar to Maker Faires hosted in NYC, MoMA, MIT and San Francisco.

We are adding new parties to choose from all the time so check back on latest offerings.

Here is an example of the fun with our littleBits kits.

For our available parties and current price list see below:

MakerParty Packages


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