Is the STEAM movement alive and well?


What is a Maker?

When parents and kids ask us, “What is a Maker? or Who is a Maker?”, with a puzzled look, I can understand.  So what is, Maker Party?   The term ‘Maker’ is a relatively new phenomena.  Makers are part of the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) culture.  The maker subculture usually brings a combination technologies to their creations.  Their tinkering encourages creativity through prototyping with a combination of craftsmanship skills and educational pursuits.

It is no wonder that educators are very interested in using the maker approach to incorporate STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Arts, and Math) educational concepts into their curriculum.  Learning by doing is natural for makers.  The maker movement has given rise to “maker spaces” where making happens in a workshop setting.

This learning while doing is why we at have taken the best of the maker movement and turned a workshop into a party, “Maker, Maker, Maker Party!”  We are a maker space that comes to you with a party, hence, “Maker Party”!


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