Invention from Kickstarter Attracts $2B from Facebook

Young inventors dream of having an invention that changes the world.  Some even turn their inspired passion into really big money success.  Maker Party supports young inventors on Kickstarter with parties using the latest funded projects as the basis of our parties.  We expose your young inventor to cutting edge technology before it hits the mainstream ensuring that your kids are exposed to the future trends not retread ideas.  Maybe our future maker party will be virtual reality by Oculus or from the next Kickstarter hit.  Either way, we inspire the next generation to ‘Make Something’, and perhaps change the world and get a billion or two.

– Alan Miller


Kickstarter Rockets Into the Mainstream

After Facebook’s $2B Oculus Buy

When Facebook acquired Oculus earlier this week, the virtual reality outfit walked away with $2 billion in cash, stock, and potential bonuses. But Facebook also bestowed a huge gift on Kickstarter, the crowd-funding platform that enabled Oculus in the first place. The $2-billion acquisition lent big-money credibility to Kickstarter and the many projects it helps incubate.

The Facebook deal will put the afterburners on Kickstarter, investors and entrepreneurs say, igniting a financial engine that formerly powered only the most adventurous technologists. It’s the clearest sign yet that Kickstarter has moved beyond hobbyists and is now being deeply integrated into the pipeline that funds Silicon Valley’s most prestigious startups.


STEM or STEAM? We’re Missing the Point

… What exactly is STEM education? It’s much more than science, technology, engineering and math, which are usually taught as discrete subjects with math down one hallway in the school and science down another. Rather, STEM is the applied, integrated approach to those subjects. It is about using math and science to solve real-world challenges and problems. This applied, project-based way of teaching and learning allows students to understand and appreciate the relevancy of their work to the world around them. Arguably, STEM is at the core of everything.

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SMILE Approach?

What is the SMILE approach? 🙂

STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

Mobile – MakerParty brings our mobile kits and inspiration coaches to your location

Integration – we integrate the STEAM curriculum for better understanding

Experience – we learn best by experience with others

You can see the smile on your child’s face when they are inspired in new ways.