What is Maker Party?


🙂 We have fun making something creative.  Is it a new invention, creation, or a creative expression?  Learn something new!  Be inspired to be a Maker, not just a User. Come join us!

🙂 We empower learning the fun way by DIWO, Doing It With Others.  Make, make, … let’s party!

🙂 We embrace creativity play learning through multi-discipline S-T-E-A-M  (Science Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) educational areas.  We focus on the T-E-A of STEAM.  Make some great brew.  Let’s Learn!

🙂 We make technology accessible to beginners with our Hands On, NO Text Book approach. Easy!

🙂 We use the products of tomorrow.  We prepare future makers by bringing emerging technology trends from new ventures and world class universities to you.  Bring tomorrow, Today!

🙂 We provide a start up incubator environment for our Start-Up Kids, such as Maker Coach Skye and Maker Coach Chase (thestartupkids.com). Support the Future!

🙂 We give back! 10% of our revenue goes to creative local non-profits to inspire future makers.


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